Why Krayon?

Why Krayon?

Krayon makes life easier for web3 builders by integrating with the best offered solutions on the market and/or building our own - to provide you with a single plug-and-play API and platform for all of your crypto needs.
Krayon provides enterprise-grade MPC wallets. We expose our services via APIs to connect to blockchain networks, and provide the APIs for our MPC-based wallet to perform certain actions on those networks.

Why choose Krayon’s MPC-based wallet?
We provide a comprehensive solution for digital assets, offering an end-to-end seamless experience that clients expect from TradFi fintech: access to multiple venues through a single onboarding.

Our platform provides end-to-end integrated services:
Trading - Execute crypto trades on a best-execution basis using our smart order routing system. Krayon
sources liquidity from over 20 central exchanges and 40+ decentralized exchanges. We continue to expand
access to venues to bring you the best trade prices.

Wallet Management - Manage all of your wallets on one platform, along with secure quorums; contract
whitelisting; and custom governance policies.

Payment Management - Manage bulk payments in crypto to thousands of addresses at the same time.

Secure MPC Custody - Our MPC-based wallets provide you with the latest in institutional-grade custody.
Read more here: Multi Party Computational.

What you can expect from Krayon:
Security and Reliability - A track record of running mission-critical wallet infrastructure.
Innovative New Features - Krayon is pushing the boundaries of multi-party computation with new features that offer far greater operational flexibility, security, and scalability than any other provider.
Multi-chain support - We’re rapidly launching support across new chains. Our goal is to offer universal support by 2023.