Krayon Onboarding

Welcome to the Krayon API v1.0

Build Web3 apps efficiently and quickly using our robust Web3 cross-chain APIs for NFTs, EVMs, secured signing, and more.

Create a user in Krayon

  1. Go to test dashboard and log in to the platform.
  2. Authenticate to the system with your Gmail account, you will need to use the Google Authenticator application/1Password or any other application as MFA.
  3. Enter your company details.
    Note: This first user will get Admin permissions.
  4. Create a new wallet for the selected network.

Generate an API token

  1. Create an API token by logging into the system with an Admin user.
    Note: API keys are created and managed in your Krayon Dashboard under the [API tokens] tab under Settings.(
  2. Copy the token to the clipboard.

Generate API Tokens