Organization Object

An Organization is used as a "Tenant" in our platform. All users, wallets, assets, transactions, and transfers are under organization. The organization is stored and managed by Auth0's organizations feature and is identified in the system by its unique ID, the UUID.
The following table describes the fields in the REST API messages for organizations:

idstringA unique ID of the organization. string with the prefix: org_
created_atdateThe creation time of the organization.
Standard format of timestamp with a time zone.
updated_atdateThe time when the organization details were last updated.
Standard format of timestamp with a time zone.
namestringThe internal name of the organization. Auto-generated field.
display_namestringThe display name of the organization.
domainstringThe main domain of the organization.
logotextURL link to the organization logo
industrystringThe industry of the organization.
phonephone numberThe phone number of the organization. Number in the dormat of ITU-T E.164.
addressstringThe address of the organization.
emailstringThe email of the organization.